We present to you the first galactic hotel

Have you ever dreamt of floating in space and observing our planet Earth from miles and miles above? We have witnessed significant strides in space tourism with various private ventures such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic spearheading the charge. Today, we’re thrilled to present an exclusive sneak peek into yet another groundbreaking project […]

A hotel with a 360-degree view of the Milky Way

Lightspeeding from fantasy to reality, our dreams of experiencing the ethereal beauty of the cosmos no longer remain far-fetched. And luckily for avid stargazers and cosmophiles, there is a dreamlike vacation spot that brings you closer to the stars than ever before. Nestled in a remote location away from city lights, this unique hotel provides […]

From the space suit robe and moon slippers to the Meteor mini bar with astronomy snacks and the space deck pool

A new era of exciting innovations has dawned as the world ventures towards luxurious space travel! As we journey far beyond our stratosphere, our desire for comfort, relaxation and entertainment remain constants. Enter hoteliers across the globe who have transcended the boundaries of imagination, providng amenities that transport you into a universe full of starry […]

Navigate this site to find out how we envisioned hotel life as we go weightless with intergalactic hotel stays

The era of space tourism is upon us, and we no longer have to look back at vintage science fiction to envision hotel stays beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Intergalactic vacations might seem light-years away; however, industry leaders are already shaping a new frontier in hospitality – outer space hotels. Get ready to embark on a cosmic […]