From the space suit robe and moon slippers to the Meteor mini bar with astronomy snacks and the space deck pool

A new era of exciting innovations has dawned as the world ventures towards luxurious space travel! As we journey far beyond our stratosphere, our desire for comfort, relaxation and entertainment remain constants. Enter hoteliers across the globe who have transcended the boundaries of imagination, providng amenities that transport you into a universe full of starry wonder.

Welcome to a world where you can enjoy the spectacular views of Earth as you float on your back in a space deck pool, indulge in cosmic-themed cocktails at a Meteor mini bar, and surrender to relaxation in a plush space suit robe and moon slippers. Join us as we take you on an interstellar journey through the most unique and delightful hotel amenities.

Space Suit Robe and Moon Slippers:

Upon arrival at your galactic destination, prepare to be pampered with cozy, futuristic attire. Plush space suit robes await you, designed with inspiration drawn from iconic astronaut suits. Made from the softest, most breathable materials, these robes provide unparalleled comfort while immersing you fully in your cosmic surroundings. Paired with equally soft moon slippers, kick back and revel in the weightless sensation of floating in space.

Meteor Mini Bar with Astronomy Snacks:

In this otherworldly escape, quench your thirst for celestial experiences while satisfying your earthly cravings. Stocked with cosmic-themed concoctions and astronomy-inspired snacks, our Meteor mini bar brings heaven’s mysteries right to you. Indulge in a ‘Stellar Spritz’ or sip on a ‘Rocket Fuel Martini’ as you nibble on treats shaped like planets or stars. As you delight in these galactic goodies, be prepared to delve deeper into the marvels of our universe.

Space Deck Pool:

As if star-gazing from the comfort of your luxurious room weren’t enough, our unique space deck pool amplifies your experience by simulating swimming on the Moon! Harnessing state-of-the-art technology to replicate low-gravity buoyancy, immerse yourself in stunning panoramic views of Earth below as you float effortlessly on your back. The lounge area surrounding this captivating pool allows guests to soak up an authentic feeling of spacetime – not just a trickle of water but also the ever-present glow of celestial bodies.

Cosmic-Themed Bedroom Settings:

Peel back the layers of reality and plunge into dreams brimming with stars under our celestial-styled canopy. Your surroundings are adorned with artwork inspired by astrological symbols or detailed renderings of far-off galaxies, while mood lighting evokes midnight skies shimmering amidst complete darkness. Our star chart bed linens beckon sweet exploration as they guide you through constellations known and yet-to-be-discovered.

Starry Night Observatory:

No cosmic adventure would be complete without observing the boundless wonders of our universe through an eyes-wide-open lens. The Starry Night Observatory offers state-of-the-art telescopes coupled with expert astronomers who will guide you through an awe-inspiring celestial tour. Witness planets like Jupiter with its famous Great Red Spot or Saturn’s magnificent rings up close, while expanding your knowledge about intergalactic mysteries that remain unsolved.

The night sky has always been a source of awe and fascination for humankind; now is your chance to dive deeper into its beauty without ever leaving planet Earth. With innovative experiences like these out-of-this-world hotel amenities, we are pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in travel and luxury relaxation. Be it for adventure-seeking travelers or curious stargazers yearning for a closer connection to their celestial neighbors – embark on this extraordinary journey into outer space!